Toy Story Movie-accurate fully customized Woody doll


Movie-accurate, fully customized woody doll

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Movie-accurate, fully customized woody doll. Made from the ultra rare brazilian body with the real denim jeans and a better tailored and sewn-on vest. The autenticity of this body is proven by the fact that the tag is sewn on the outside. No others are made like that.

The hat is included with the purchase. The original voicebox is also still inside the body and works in English. You can replace it later one for another one if you wish. I made some tests with a movie accurate voicebox with lines from the movie but the body is too slim for it. It is a very tight fit and would deform the body.

The head was replaced with the closed mouth expression one that is seen in the movies when Woody is in toy mode. The hands were also replaced with open hands ones. Both the head and the hands are securely attached and can still rotate 360 degrees.

Other modifications include:

– All 4 buttons replaced with pearl buttons

– Bandana replaced for a more movie-accurate one

– Sherif star replaced and removable (connects with magnet)

– Ruby gem and silver ring for the holster

A certificate of authencity is included.

The stand is not included.

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